XTZ Class-A100DII
Very impressive.

Monarch STA-400 X
Old 18 tube receiver wich ive been modifying quite alot.

Yamaha DSP-A1000
Heavy with blackbrushed steel front, one of their first cinema amp's.

Technics SU-8080
A project to fix it, currently totally dead.

Pioneer VSX-D2011
Nice looking, but i was dissappointed with the sound quality.

Pioneer SA-608 (SA-6800)
Got this one for free, one channel was broken but i got help to fix it.

Akai AA-1020
Bought this around 1999 for about 15 euro, quite nice sound though.

Sony STR-DE597
Budget cinema amp.

Pioneer VSA-E06
Bought this champagne golden machine for 50 euro.

Luxor Symfoni 4095W
A big old stereo tubeamplifier.

Pioneer AD-50
Car amp with EQ.

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Small, neat, nice.

Sansui AU-G77XII
An 80's testwinner.

Sony STR-313L
Typical 70's design.

Denon PMA-925R
Lightweight but with 2 transformators and mosfet.

Pioneer A-616 MarkII
Heavy amp from Pioneer's reference (elite) series.

Pioneer A-858
My main amplifier today, i have two of these 25 kg beast's. Wonderful amp.

Pioneer A-335
Was my main amplifier for some years, i got it for free. Nice amp.

Bang & Olufsen Bandmaster 610K
Old danish 10-tubes amplifier wich i bought for about 36 euro.

Telefunken Jubilate 4061W
Old tube classic radio up for test.

Luxor Populär 4193W
Tube radio from Luxor.

Lite A200 / A680
Gigantic stereo amplifier.

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