Elac BS 203.2
"Jet tweeter", interesting.

Kef Coda 7
Speakers from Kef in mid 90s.

Wharfedale Diamond 5
Budget from Wharfedale.

Canton Fonum 100
Canton seems to always make nice speakers.

Mirage 460
Nice, but too large and lack off bass.

Canton Plus S
2.1 system, sounds really large for its size.

Jamo Classic 8
Front speakers from Jamo.

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Mission M70
Nice small bookshelf Mission speakers.

Large JBL speakers.

Dali Lektor 1
Small Dali speakers.

Dynavoice DM-5
Very well built, but it stops there.

Tannoy Reveal
Studio standard, what is to be reveald here?

Bower & Wilkins DM602 S2
7" kevlar mid/bass...

Pioneer S-Z470
Quite good midrange from old Pioneer speakers.

Marantz HD770
Large old speakers.

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