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There are some few DigitalThis.org related stuff on this YouTube channel right now, solderstation reviews. But there will be more!
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Message to the new visitor
This site is mostly for my hobby HiFi interest. During the years there have been some photos taken of these machines wich i intend to share here, i often photograph inside amplifiers and inside speakers. Some speakers and amplifiers has also been repaired or modified in some way. These pictures will i put here too with description on how it was done etc. The forum is open so feel free to leave a mark, upload pictures of your sound system or just talk about hifi topics.

The goals with this site is simply this:
- Good, relevant information, specifications and reviews.
- Free forum, with easy picture upload function. No membership required.
- Nice and sharp pictures, of both inside and outside.
- It should always be easy to navigate around here.
- To provide with schematics (to come).
- Easy how-to instructions for repairing (to come).

Incoming news!
YouTube videos is being produced right now
Elega headphones
Pioneer A-616 - Another one
Logitech - Modified computer speakers

Latest update: 21 Mars 2015

Latest additions:
- 4 apr 2015 - HP 82240B Thermal Printer.
- 21 mar 2015 - XTZ Class-A100DII.
- 1 feb 2015 - HP Prime.
- 15 nov 2014 - HP 12C and HP 17bII+. Spec's for multimeters.
- 11 nov 2014 - Agilent / Keysight U1273AX multimeter.
- 21 oct 2014 - Many new pictures in the calculator section.
- 14 oct 2014 - Old Fluke 8000A multimeter.
- 12 oct 2014 - Eight new calculators.
- 5 dec 2013 - Amplifier AKAI AM-U02.
- 27 may 2013 - Gossen T-Com Plus
- 17 may 2013 - Fluke 289.
- 11 may 2013 - Fluke 89 IV.
- 25 feb 2013 - A bunch of multimeters.

Last added amplifiers/speakers/other related stuff.

Random picture.